We Have A Winner Of The Seamus Sweepstakes!

The fabulous and prescient Michael Pahre has won the fabulous Seamus Sweepstakes, guessing that today would be the day New York Times columnist Gail Collins would mention Mitt Romney without attaching his family dog Seamus to the roof of the family car.

Congratulations, Mike!

This is entirely a result of my writing off your chances two days ago, of course.

See you at lunch.

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7 Responses to We Have A Winner Of The Seamus Sweepstakes!

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    “Mention Mitt Romney” and writing a column solely about Mitt Romney are two different things, it appears to me. The subject of today’s column is Herb Cain, not Mitt. Mitt’s name appears in one sentence, in passing. I say wait until she writes an entire column about Mitt withouth the dog-on-the-roof reference. BTW, Howie Carr did write a column entirely about Romney in the Chicopee Herald this week, and DID reference the dog-on-the-roof.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Sorry, Laurence – the official rules were quite clear: guess when GC would mention MR without adding the dog/roof of the car thing.

      The amazing thing about this contest is that there were only two entrants – and one of them was right. What’re the odds of that?

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    I’m happy to concede, especially since I finished second and my opponent finished next to last.

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