Rafael Nadal, Please Call Sam Stosur

The was some can of whup-ass Sam Stosur opened on Serena Williams in the U.S. Open women’s final, yeah?

Match point:


And what would the U.S. Open be without a Seranta – in this case because (via YouTube) “playing a point against Sam Stosur, Serena Williams shouted, ‘C’MON’ when she hit a good ball. She yelled before the ball even landed, though, and the umpire penalized her by giving the point to Stosur.”

Rant at the umpire here:


YouTube transcript:

“I promise you, if you ever see me walking down the hallway, look the other way, ’cause you’re out of control. You’re out of control. Totally out of control, you’re a hater, and you’re just unattractive *pats heart* inside. How could you do such a thing? And I never complain. WOW. What a loser. *drinks water* A rules violation because I express who I am? We’re in America, last time I checked. *To towel girl* Can I get a water? *Back to umpire* Or am I gonna get violated for a water? Really, don’t even look at me. I promise you, don’t look at me, because I am not the one. Don’t. Look. My. Way.”

Rafael Nadal, on the other hand, should look Sam Stosur’s way and try to figure out how she beat an overwhelming favorite in a Grand Slam final.

Because that’s what Rafa needs to do this afternoon v. Novak Djokovic.

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