Stop The Presses: PolitiFact ‘Barely True’ Is Now ‘Mostly False’

This is how we roll in the mediarati:

A change in the meter: Barely True is now Mostly False

Today, Barely True becomes Mostly False.

It is a change we don’t make lightly. The Truth-O-Meter has been the heart of PolitiFact since we launched the site four years ago, and we were reluctant to tinker with it.

Barely True has served us well. On our national site, for example, we’ve awarded 267 Barely Trues since we launched in 2007, accounting for 13 percent of our ratings.

But over the years, we heard many complaints about the rating. Many readers said it put too much emphasis on “true” when the rating actually describes something without much truth.

Related complaint: How many media analysts can dance on the head of a pin?

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3 Responses to Stop The Presses: PolitiFact ‘Barely True’ Is Now ‘Mostly False’

  1. Steve Stein says:

    You and Dan K and Howard Kurtz can get together about that pin thing. Too bad Keller is on vaca – he relies on Politifact more than the Spin-o-meter these days.

    And check with the weather guys to see if they’ll replace “partly sunny” with “mostly cloudy”.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    I had suggested that they do a script to rotate the Mostly True with a Mostly False. They could have had it spin faster or slower based on the egregiousness attempt(s) to deceive.

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