A Good Walk Foiled

Here at the Global Worldwide Headquarters of Campaign Outsider, we take our annual summer outings very seriously.

There was, for instance, the legendary trip to Williamstown where we stayed in one of the worst motels ever (can’t remember the name – healthy sign) and saw one of the worst theater productions ever (The Torch-Bearers – still working through that).

Then there was the mosquito-bitten excursion to Walden Pond, of which the less said the better. (Simplify, simplify, simplify!)

So this year the hardworking staff trundled off to Newton Commonwealth Golf Course, the postage-stamp-sized links adjacent to Boston College.

Of course, we never got on the course (leagues ‘n’ stuff, don’t you know).

But as we were leaving, we saw what we thought was a putting green about two feet away from the Clubhouse, so we figured – hey! – let’s work on our chipping and putting before we depart.

Toss a few balls out, chip and putt (badly for the most part), and then suddenly, three guys were there asking if this or that ball was ours.

Turns out it wasn’t a putting green, it was the 9th green.


See you next summer.

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3 Responses to A Good Walk Foiled

  1. Steve Quigley says:

    Slam dunk lawsuit. What? No fence? No electronic signage? How’s a hardworking staffer to know?

  2. BP Myers says:

    Hilarious. Did not see it coming.

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