Three Takes On Fox News (Of The World) Coverage

It’s old news that Fox News Channel has hardly covered itself in glory covering the News of the World rumpus. But the takedowns of FNC are instructive in their various forms.

• The Daily Show (via Mediaite)

• The Project for Excellence in Journalism report. Sample graphic:

• Alessandra Stanley’s New York Times TV Watch. Representative sample:

After Mr. Murdoch and his son were excused, the Fox anchor Bill Hemmer gave a brief, stilted summary, then segued to a bit of good news, noting that News Corporationshares “went up 5 percent” during the testimony.

And that gingerly restraint was all the more noticeable at a channel known for its brio and lack of nuance. Perhaps accordingly, rival cable shows gleefully reveled in the News Corporation’s fall from grace: a Bloomberg News analyst on CNN likened Mr. Murdoch to King Lear; on Current TV, Keith Olbermann, who once worked at Fox Sports, said Mr. Murdoch was closer to the evil Emperor Palpatine in the “Star Wars” films.

The CNN correspondent Richard Quest noted that James Murdoch seemed “out of his depth,” while his father appeared “out of touch.” The British documentary filmmaker Michael Cockerell agreed, announcing that “the emperor has no clothes.”

Corrections (as they always do with Ms. Stanley) to come later.

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