Where Is @FakeTomMenino?

Sunday’s Boston Globe trumpeted Mayor Tom Menino’s triumphant return to the Twitterverse:

Mayor reconnects with his public, breaks out in tweets on Twitter

After nearly a year of silence, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino is back on Twitter, connecting with his people in crisp, 140 character dispatches.

In June 2010, @mayortommenino went silent. There were no retweets, no Twitpics, no clever hashtags.

But earlier this month, Menino — or most likely staff— returned to his keyboard with a vengeance. He sent three Tweets on June 15, two of which were about the Bruins. The next day the mayor was a Twitter machine, blasting eight updates to his 6,693 followers.

(Hardworking Editor’s Note: Make that 6,751 followers. Globe power!)

Sample TomTweets:

Mayor Tom Menino
mayortommenino Mayor Tom Menino
Speaking at Metro Credit Union’s first branch opening in Boston, near South Bay Plaza.
Summer Boston
summerboston Summer Boston

 by mayortommenino
Kick off the official start of summer w/ @mayortommenino 6/25 @BCYFcenters, Flaherty Pool #Roslindale. Food, swim more!http://ow.ly/5p0bn
MassGeneral News
MassGeneralNews MassGeneral News

 by mayortommenino
Mayor Tom Menino
mayortommenino Mayor Tom Menino
Speaking at @MassGeneralNews for grand opening of the new Lunder building at 11:00


Downright Menino-izing.

So why the sudden Twitsurgence, the Globe asks:

Did Menino find the password to his Twitter account after it had been lost for a year? Is there a new crop of interns helping him out?

Here’s a better question: Why don’t we have an @FakeTomMenino in this town? (Oh, wait – here’s @MayorMenino (Not the Mayor), who has yet to post – perfect for Boston: The City That Doesn’t Period.)

Out in Chicago, even before Rahm Emanuel was elected mayor, there was the delightfully profane @MayorEmanuel running riot over the Twitterscape.

So are we going to be the Second City to the Second City (which actually makes Boston the Third City, but why get technical about it)?

C’mon, Boston – Twitter up.

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