So Maybe It WASN’T The Ads That Nabbed Whitey Bulger (III)

Count Boston Herald contributor Michele McPhee as the latest skeptic regarding the FBI’s ad campaign that supposedly led to his capture.

FBI’s tip tale stinks as much as agency’s past

Iceland? Seriously? We are expected to believe that a woman from Iceland watching TV spotted Whitey Bulger and his girlfriend in Santa Monica where he lived in the same apartment for 15 years just four miles from an FBI office?

All the more convenient for tipping him off, no? McPhee additionally notes the the rent-controlled status of the apartment and its proximity to a Boston-themed barroom and concludes, “I smell an FBI safe house.”

Well, that moves the yard-markers, doesn’t it.

SPECIAL HERALD BONUS: Columnist Joe Fitzgerald becomes a charter member of the Billy Club with a spirited defense of the “good” Bulger brother. William Bulger, Fitz writes, “has certainly not condoned the things his brother Whitey is alleged to have done. Nor has he denied that Whitey deserves to be where he is right now . . .”

The hardworking staff must have missed that press conference.


Billy still sees him as a brother, barbaric or not.

In that regard, he once confided he would not be a part of any effort to apprehend him . . .

Confided? Didn’t he say that to a Congressional hearing?

Fitzgerald points out that Unabrother David Kaczynski took a different approach (“most would call it the high road”), but still defends Billy (“he”ll find no condemnation here”).

Never expected he would.

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2 Responses to So Maybe It WASN’T The Ads That Nabbed Whitey Bulger (III)

  1. Steve Stein says:

    “Well, that moves the yard-markers, doesn’t it.”

    It would, if McPhee had any evidence at all for her speculation besides her fevered imagination and her sense of smell. Does she?

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