Menino Still Dopey About Niketown T-Shirts

So it wasn’t bad enough Boston Mayor Tom Menino lowered himself to subterranean depths in nuking Niketown for its Newbury Street window display, “which boasts T-shirts emblazoned with pill bottles and sporting the words ‘Get High’ and ‘Dope’ — along with its signature ‘Just Do It’ slogan,” according to Tuesday’s Boston Herald.

Now he has to nuke the First Amendment too.

From today’s Herald piece about Niketown flipping off Menino, which drew this response from City Hall:

“We maintain our position that [the t-shirts are] not appropriate for the city of Boston. They’re not appropriate for anywhere as far as we’re concerned,” said Menino spokeswoman Dot Joyce.

“Nike should be compelled as an athletic apparel manufacturer to promote health and fitness — rather than drug use,” Joyce said yesterday.

Compelled to promote health and fitness? Seriously?

Menino apparently has graduated from Mayor for Life to Dictator for Life.

Not good, people. Not good.

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