The Challenge Bruin For Boston In Game 7

Everyone knows what it is: Can the Bruins turn Rogers Arena into TD Garden? At home the Bruins are tougher, quicker, and more disciplined (not so fast there, Patrice Bergeron!) than the Canucks.

But can they be that way in Vancouver?

Other questions:

• Coach Claude Julien had nice things to say about Brad Marchand in the post-game press conference. Will that be the case in the locker room? (Marchand’s tattooing of Daniel Sedin’s face at the end of Game 6 was, as the NBC commentators commented, largely ill-advised.)

• Yo, Patrice: Whaddup with the penalties? You got what – three? four? Did you have that many in the first five games combined?

• I kept waiting for someone on the NBC broadcast to ask this question: Should Cory Schneider start Game 7 for the Canucks? The hardworking staff says he’s earned it.

Anyway, see you Wednesday night for something that’s always special: Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

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3 Responses to The Challenge Bruin For Boston In Game 7

  1. Steve Stein says:

    One of those Bergeron penalties came on a dive by Kessler, an act that the refs bought. But still.
    Not sure whether the Canucks just work harder at home, or whether it’s the Bruins who are just more listless. Maybe a bit of both, but energy and hard work is what will win game 7. Go Bruins!

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