Seamus Sweepstakes™

As her latest piece indicates, New York Times columnist Gail Collins is temperamentally incapable of mentioning  Mitt Romney without adding “who once drove to Canada with the family dog strapped to the roof of his car.”

So Campaign Outsider has established the Seamus Sweepstakes, which challenges our splendid readers to guess the date on which Collins will write about Romney without mentioning his cartop pooch.

The prize: An all-expenses-paid lunch with the hardworking staff.

Enter early. Enter often.


The hardworking staff has sent the following note to Gail Collins herself:

Dear Ms. Collins:

The hardworking staff of Campaign Outsider are devoted readers of your New York Times column, and we often enjoy your references to Mitt Romney’s cartop canine history.

In that spirit, we have initiated the Seamus Sweepstakes™, an excellent contest that asks Campaign Outsider’s splendid readers to predict the date on which you will write about Romney without mentioning his rufftop pooch.

We’re sorry to say you are not eligible to win the contest’s valuable prize, but you certainly are welcome to mention it in your column.


The Hardworking Staff

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7 Responses to Seamus Sweepstakes™

  1. Laurence Glavin says:

    Never mind Gail; I’m waiting for YOU to refer to your staff without mentioning they’re “hard-working”. Don’t you ever give them any slack? You’re almost as bad as Jesus who worked his apostles like slaves EVERY day to spread the word! Remember, they couldn’t even call in sick!

  2. David S. Bernstein says:

    I take the Sunday in January 2017, following Romney’s 2nd inaugural address — after mentioning Seamus in every column about Mitt during his 1st term.

  3. Michael Pahre says:

    Let’s see… her next column is probably already written, and she likely doesn’t read and respond to her public email fast enough for the next column, so I bet that she writes about Romney on the 3rd column and is shamelessly non-Seamus.

    If I understand correctly that her columns are Thursdays and Saturdays, put me down for Thursday, June 9th… leading to lunch at Lala Rokh, within slingshot distance of the former governor’s former corner office, on the 10th.

  4. NENETTE says:


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