Gil Scott-Heron, 1949-2011

In the summer of 1976 (Bicentennial Fever Grips Hub – even Little Stevie’s House of Pizza redecorated in red white and blue), I saw two of Gil Scott-Heron’s three performances at Paul’s Mall during Fourth of July week.

He delivered serious versions of “Bicentennial Blues” and “The Bottle,” but his rendition of “Home Is Where the Hatred Is” was absolutely transcendent.

(I just listened to it on the It’s Your World LP, since I couldn’t find it on iTunes.)

Find it anywhere you can.

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2 Responses to Gil Scott-Heron, 1949-2011

  1. arafat kazi says:

    Azam Khan, the father of Bangladeshi rock, was also declared clinically dead the same day. I was bummed out all day because Azam Khan is awesome, and then I read about Gil.

    I saw an excellent sign in The Book Barn in Connecticut that said, “Television will not be revolutionized.”

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