The NYTPicker Held Hostage, Day 44

So what’s the deal with The NYTPicker, the website that describes itself thusly:

This website devotes itself exclusively to the goings-on inside the New York Times — the newspaper and the institution itself. Written by a team of journalists who prefer to work in anonymity, The NYTPicker reports on the internal workings of the nation’s top newspaper, and comments on its content.

Make that commented on its content. The NYTPickers haven’t posted since March 27th, when they picked on the Times Magazine:

Another One Bites The Dust: After 15 Years, NYT Magazine Quietly Kills “Lives” Back-Page

At which point someone quietly killed the NYTPicker.

The hardsearching staff checked the Googletron, which yielded exactly nothing, so we consulted the reliably au courant Gawker, which yielded . . . nothing.

So, What the P?

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