Grand Old Patience: Republican Presidential Campaigns In Waiting

Two unlikely GOP presidential maybes – short-sighted vulgarian Donald Trump and out-of-sight Jon Huntsman – have campaign machinery ready and willing to promote their candidacies.

From Friday’s Wall Street Journal:

Campaign Awaits Its Candidate

U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr. will land in Washington on Friday with a presidential campaign-in-waiting, including staff and volunteers in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida, a polling firm and a fundraising operation built on a billionaire father’s network.

The only question: Does the campaign have a candidate?

Former Utah governor Huntsman has said nothing about a presidential run, but why get technical about it.

The other side of the two-headed coin is Donald Trump (R-Trump This).

From The New Republic:

Trump’s Team

Who’s behind The Donald’s run for president?

Over the past few weeks, many people have dismissed Donald Trump’s possible presidential campaign as a joke. But don’t tell that to the people volunteering behind the scenes—an eclectic crew of young enthusiasts, old Reagan hands, and one especially slimy and notorious political operative.

That last would be Roger Stone, “the veteran Republican operative who is only too happy to be described as a ‘hit man.'”

No wonder Trump is a hit, man.

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