‘Mistah Kurtz – he dead’

MediaBistro’s Fishbowl DC has a thing about CNN/Daily Beast media hall monitor Howie Kurtz, who hit the daily double yesterday in the online dishateria.

Hit #1:

Mediaite Takes Kurtz to Woodshed

Mediaite‘s White House reporter Tommy “I want to punch Wonkette’s dick writers  in the balls” Christopher dismissed CNN’s Howard Kurtz‘s coverage of the Wonkette Trig debacle on “Reliable Sources.” He called it “skin-deep” and “disappointingly superficial.”

Kurtz’s program had three journalists — WaPo‘s Jennifer RubinAdweek‘s Michael Wolff (who called Wonkette “tone deaf”) and Syndicated Columnist for the Chicago Tribune Clarence Page — all denouncing the Wonkette story on Trig Palin, which has since been removed from Wonkette’s site after some advertisers dropped them.

But Christopher, a father of two special needs children, wasn’t impressed.

“Cumulatively, the effect was a failure to convey the true character of the Wonkette post, which was ‘tone deaf’ in the way that a punch in the balls is ‘impolite,’ and the apology, which was of debatable sincerity and completeness,” he wrote.

(Back story – via Christopher’s emails to Wonkette’s editor – here.)

Hit #2:

‘I not only tweet myself, I watch myself.’ Kinky.

Not to mention very Walt Whitman.

The Fishbowl DC post itself deserves to be reprinted in its entirety:

By this point we know that Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast’s Washington Bureau Chief and CNN “Reliable Sources” host, is the undisputed King of Self-Pimp. We defy any Washington journalist to try and overtake him.

Still, on Sunday he gave us yet another reason to pump his title – and to give him more pimp attire. After he interviewedSelma Kalousek, wife of NYTcorrespondent Ian Fischerabout how her marriage nearly fell apart with her husband covering war zones, Kurtz tweeted this to a watcher:

“On my intv. with wife of war reporter @patricenatalie I was watching it as well, what she has to live through and deal with is unbelievable.”

You mean he watches his own show and learns something?

Congratulations to Kurtz for remaining our champion.

Mistah Howie Kurtz. King of the new-media Hollow Men.

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