Wolff In Sheep’s Clothing: New Adweek=Badweek?

From Monday’s Wall Street Journal:

Three prominent media trade magazines become one this week with the relaunch of Adweek, which will fold Mediaweek and Brandweek into a single weekly publication under new editor Michael Wolff.

The new Adweek reflects a cosmetic and tonal makeover, pairing heavier paper and bolder graphics with a focus on being more provocative.

Paging Mr. Wolff, who just might be the most disliked figure in American media, which of course he loves.

In the first issue, Mr. Wolff opens with a letter to readers describing Adweek as “not your father’s trade magazine.” The first issue has a column dissecting Arianna Huffington’s sex appeal and a cutting profile of “grumpy” venture capitalist Fred Wilson. “We need to be more Tolstoy than trade reporter,” Mr. Wolff writes.

Your War and Peace punchline goes here.

Meanwhile, there’s this:

Some media and advertising-industry executives questioned whether by trying to expand the audience with a buzzier, more accessible publication, Adweek risks becoming less valuable to its base. They also say it is difficult to sell a traditionally business-to-business publication to mass advertisers because trade magazines don’t have nearly the scale those advertisers are looking for.

Wolff, on the other hand, is just looking for attention.

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1 Response to Wolff In Sheep’s Clothing: New Adweek=Badweek?

  1. Arafat Kazi says:

    Talk about pack mentality. Every now and then, Adweek used to have articles worth reading (as opposed to Ad Age’s mindless pabulum. And I doubt that the writer of Anna Karenina and War, What is it Good For? would write about the hotness of Arianna Huffington.

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