Who’s More Ridiculous: Robert DeLeo Or The Boston Herald?

From our Late to the Party desk:

Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Broken Ankle) has decided to goose his profile by cracking down on welfare abuse.

To wit (via the Boston Herald):

A frustrated House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo is cracking down on welfare card abuse after a Herald review found that Bay State recipients blew nearly $200,000 in taxpayer dough last year on a broad array of luxuries — including booze, lingerie, tanning parlors, jewelry, movie theaters and even pets.

That would be $200,000 out of the “$46.4 million that welfare recipients spent using the debit cards in fiscal year 2010.”

Seriously, Mr. Speaker? You’re going all Schwarzenneger over .004 of welfare spending?


About the only thing more idiotic was the Herald’s front page on Tuesday:

In addition to the moronic header “WELFARE CARD STUNNER: FIRST LIQUOR . . . NOW LINGERIE,” the feisty local tabloid featured some swell graphics (sorry, not online) to illustrate the profligate spending, which included:

• $175,000 on liquor stores, including a $102 tab at a Dracut bar;

• $827 at Victoria’s Secret stores across the state, including $208 at a Hyannis outlet;

• $644 at beauty supply stores, salons, and even a tanning booth in Fall River.

• $664 at PETCOs and other pet supply stores; $127 on jewelry stores; $3,427 at AT&T mobile phone stores; and about $100 at Chuck E. Cheese.

If you ask the hardworking staff, the real story is how little welfare money goes toward those types of purchases.

But why get technical about it.

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7 Responses to Who’s More Ridiculous: Robert DeLeo Or The Boston Herald?

  1. John H Kleschinsky says:


    Thanks for bringing this up. The first thing I did when I read about this was I cranked out the math: $191,000/$46,400,000 *100 = 99.6% of Mass Welfare funds distributed through EBT are being correctly spent. This seems like such a non-issue to me. I’m happy they want to tighten it up to decrease waste. But why did the Herald think it was necessary to cover this story yesterday and again today (See welfare and money spent on McDonalds). I think most managers would be happy to report 99.6% efficiency.


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  3. Curmudgeon says:

    Only conclusion that can be drawn from the article is that 99.6% of the funds are being spent in ways that did not elicit comment.

    No way of knowing whether or not they were correctly spent. One can buy a lot of cosmetics and pet supplies at the grocery store. You can even buy toasters and computer doo-dads,

  4. Fred Grosso says:

    I’d like to see DeLeo wrestle Howie Carr in jello.

    • cj says:

      How about having them wrestle on the radio? The show can consist of splats, squishes, and ughs. It would be as high a quality program as his average program is today, and no, I don’t plan to listen. They can put it out in an MP3 format podcast so you can listen to it at your leisure, perhaps while on your daily walk.

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