The Slow Journalism Company: News Only A Dead-Blogger Could Love

This week BBC radio profiled the Slow Journalism Company, a news organization which “offers an antidote to throwaway media and makes a virtue of being the last to breaking news.”

That’s reflected in the magazine Delayed Gratification:

Delayed Gratification is a new quarterly publication from The Slow Journalism Company. Each issue distils three months of the UK’s political, cultural, scientific and sporting life into a witty magazine of record. A combination of almanac, essays and reportage, Delayed Gratification operates on the principles of Slow Journalism.

More details from

A new magazine dedicated to “slow journalism” has been launched by the international editor of Time Out.

Marcus Webb will edit Delayed Gratification, which will publish quarterly from January. The title is the first launch by the Slow Journalism Company headed by Webb and director Rob Orchard, who met Webb while working in Dubai as a writer eight years ago.

The magazine describes itself as “an antidote to throwaway media” with the tagline ‘Last to breaking news’ and wants to be a collectible for readers. It will cover politics, culture, science and sport through a combination of essays and reportage using the principles of slow journalism: “It measures news in months not minutes, returning to stories after the dust has settled.”

The magazine will aim to provide new angles on big news stories of the quarter, cartoons, infographics and expert insight and reportage on major news events.

Dead-bloggers of the world (population 1 so far), rejoice!

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