Dead Blogging The Super Bowl Spots

Some overall observations about the ads on Fox’s Super Bowl LXV broadcast:

• If you picked Branded Projectiles Hitting People for your drinking game, you were kneewalking by 3:44 of the first quarter (three to the head, one to the obligatory groin)

• Not enough animals! (via the Missus)

• Any advertiser relying on a voiceover to convey its message is a moron. The visual always trumps the verbal, nowhere more clearly than in Super Bowl ads.

Some specific observations about the ads on Fox’s Super Bowl LXV broadcast:

Paging Cecil B. DeMille, paging Mr. Cecil B. DeMille

Audi “Release the Hounds”

Coke “Trojan Dragon” (Full disclosure: The hardwatching staff has no idea what this spot is about)

Kia Optima “Mayan Landing”

Concepts with a capital K Rule of thumb: No babies should be harmed in your Super Bowl spot.

Better you should just set $3 million on fire

Kim Kardashian Skechers ad (flunks the credibility test, yes?)

Pure Insurance ads (people with houses worth more than $1 million aren’t paying attention to Super Bowl ads, yes?)

Lots of Eminem, no M&Ms

Lipton “Brisk” ad

Cadillac “Detroit” ad (winner of the screw-the-pre-buzz-go-for-the-element-of-surprise-award)

Worst . . . Budweiser . . .  Ad . . . Ever

Tiny Dancer = Tiny Concept

Ads about themselves

Stella Artois’ Adrien Brody embarrassment

Ads about – gasp – the product

Chevy Cruze “Facebook”

Big yawns

Both GoDaddy ads

All the Bud Light ads

Both E*Trade ads

Best Fox promo

“House” Mean Joe Greene spoof

Check them all out at

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3 Responses to Dead Blogging The Super Bowl Spots

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  2. the.liz.white says:

    Oh, come on! Tiny Dancer = Big Payoff 🙂

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