The Usual Suspects Convention

Is there anything on God’s green earth more predictable than a New York Times op-ed page roundup?

From Sunday’s Week in Review:

The President’s Speech

With President Obama poised to deliver his second State of the Union address on Tuesday, the Op-Ed editors asked politicians, journalists and experts in various fields what they would like to hear him say.

What follows is a roll call of Just Who You’d Expect: Elliott Abrams, Tom Daschle, Michelle Rhee, Alice Rivlin, Robert Reich, blah blah blah.

The only mildly surprising presence was Dan Savage, described as “editorial director of The Stranger, a Seattle weekly.” Of course, Savage is much more – and much more controversial – than that, as you can see here.

But why get technical about it in Times like these?

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1 Response to The Usual Suspects Convention

  1. arafat kazi says:

    I wrote out a “Dear sir” comment about not dissing Dan Savage and closed it with “Yours censoriously” etc, but then I decided to go and read his article. While he’s completely right, and the right to marry is incredibly important, I also felt like the article was kind of a puff piece. Savage usually has more substance. But I guess writing for the NYTimes is different from comparing the merits of different buttplugs.

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