The Olbermanniacs Comment, Specially

So yesterday the hardworking staff wrote this:

Who Shot Keith Olbermann?

Who cares?

To which splendid reader Laurence Glavin responded:

Who cares? The Huffington Post story got 28,000 comments. Oh, and I care …a lot.

The hardworking staff believes he’s referring to this piece, which, eight hours later, has almost 35,000 comments. Representative samples:

jenna2929 1 minute ago (1:14 AM)

it sounds like the conservatives on here are just bitter because everyday in the news, there’s another big eff up from palin, beck, republican senators, etc., and it’s coming out in your bitter comments about keith. don’t worry, our keith will be back with a vengeance, and you’ll still be stuck with palin and beck and all the other eff ups.

Monte Carlow 1 minute ago (1:13 AM)
He better run for office.

dems08 2 minutes ago (1:13 AM)
did everyone call/email nbc universal/phil griffin and give them a piece of your mind?

MSNBC (212) 664-4444

You can e-mail Phil Griffin at: phil.griff in@nbcuni. com

FrankAnalysis 2 minutes ago (1:13 AM)
For more than 2 years I’ve appreciated his intelligent commentary and passion for rationality and social justice. Sometimes obscure, but honest and intense. I look forward to what he does next.

caveman1313 2 minutes ago (1:12 AM)
well, now the real reason is out and we can stop with the theories.

Keith wanted more money than msnbc wanted to pay him.


Wilburrr 3 minutes ago (1:12 AM)
If, in the meantime, KO does not show up on HuffPo, then he has bigger plans…. bigger fish to fry (that analogy shouldn’t be too violent, unless you’re a fish…)

PLT23 4 minutes ago (1:10 AM)
Keith can not ever go back to MSNBC! Too much water under the bridge!
Keith deserves better! I for one am waiting with high anticipation over his next endeavor…
Whatever you decide KO, I stand behind you:)
Just know that your voice is indeed important and needs to be heard!!
Keep us posted:)

Bon1042 2 minutes ago (1:12 AM)
i think so too…. and don’t think his integrity would let him.


Hoopers X 4 minutes ago (1:10 AM)

Olbermann as Press Secretary…. NO!!!!

I would hate to see that happen. He has a unique voice that would be stifled in a job like that. He would have to measure his words and never step into commentary, which is where he excells. So as awesome an idea as it my be on first observation, NO. He need to be able to provide opinion, not be stuck in a job where he can’t say what’s on his mind and toe a party line. That’s not Keith.

Boopsie2008 6 minutes ago (1:09 AM)
One person who might have been happy at Olbermann’s termination is Sarah Palin, because she most likely is afraid of how he might tear apart her message. Of course, the instant he re-emerges, she’s back on the hot seat.


LiberalBuzz 6 minutes ago (1:08 AM)



We stand with Keith.


Then again, there’s this on HuffPo:

Olbermann Gone. Who Cares?

Well, Laurence for one.

But not me for two.

Olbermann jumped the shark during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary with his not-so-special comment about Hillary Clinton.

From there, Olbermann became a caricature: The proverbial self-made man who worships his creator.

After exiting MSNBC, he’ll land somewhere. But he doesn’t seem to be in a good place.

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2 Responses to The Olbermanniacs Comment, Specially

  1. Fred Grosso says:

    he made my skin crawl

  2. CAvard says:

    I lost respect for him when he basically laughed off Julian Assange’s alleged sexual assault victims and their charges when he had Michael Moore on. As much as we want Assange and the alleged victims to get their fair shot at justice, laughing off or dismissing charges of sexual assault is beyond the pale IMO.

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