It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Kennedy Column Edition)

Two – count ’em, two – columns from the Kennedy clan in Saturday’s Boston dailies, both dealing with energy-related matters.

Exhibit A (from the Boston Globe):


Keeping the heat on

Fuel assistance is not only worth fighting for, it’s worth voting for

Nut graf (paragraph six, for those of you keeping score at home):

Massachusetts last year received $197 million in federal fuel assistance, enough to help over 200,000 households stay a little warmer. Of the $3.3 billion currently in the total program budget, only $2.7 billion is being released to the states, with the remaining $600 million being held back for emergency assistance. The lower appropriation from Washington this year means that the Bay State will receive $100 million for the entire winter — a cut of nearly 50 percent.

So maybe wind power could make up the difference in Massachusetts?

Not if it’s Cape Wind, according to this piece by Joe Kennedy in the Cape Cod Times.

Cape Wind hides the cost of the project by spreading it among all their Massachusetts ratepayers, who would still end up paying an additional $125 a year for 20 years. For the same cost as Cape Wind, we could produce two to three times the amount of renewable energy from onshore wind and spread the benefits throughout the commonwealth — meaning more jobs for our citizens, more tax revenue for our schools and more opportunity for our businesses.

Cut to . . .

Exhibit B (from the Boston Herald):

Cape Wind: Don’t be tricked

By Ted Kennedy Jr.

It’s nearly Halloween but the plethora of costumes cannot compare with the great Cape Wind masquerade.

Cape Wind — composed of unnecessary rate hikes, sweetheart deals and hidden costs — has been disguised by a clean, green energy cloak, camouflage enough to fool any environmentally conscious consumer into thinking that if it looks green, it must be good.

Cape Wind is not good for Massachusetts.

Maybe not. But kissin’ cousin columns from the Kennedy clan are good for a laugh, anyway.

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1 Response to It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (Kennedy Column Edition)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Now , remind me, how much does Citizens Energy get from the federal fuel assistance program and how much does Joe make a year from his non-profit?

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