NYT Hiller Killer Checks In

New York Times “This Land” columnist Dan Barry emailed the Global Worldwide Headquarters regarding our question about why he failed to identify WHDH’s Andy Hiller in this piece on Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill.

Barry wrote in the piece:

[A] television reporter, declared by his news station to be “widely regarded as the most provocative political reporter in New England,” asked a provocative question [at a Cahill press conference] wrapped in faux courtesy: “Is it possible you’re in denial, sir?”

“No,” Mr. Cahill answered, and looked away.

Here’s Barry’s response to the hardworking staff’s email inquiring about the omission of Hiller’s name:

Dear John:
I truly apologize for getting back to you so late. I’ve been overwhelmed with other things, I am sorry. It was, I believe, Andy Hiller. I left the name out only because I am already asking a national audience to follow other names that may be unfamiliar to them — Cahill, Loscocco, Patrick — and I didn’t want to add another surname. Really, no other reason.
This is probably too late for your purposes, and I apologize.
Take good care.
Dan Barry

Very gracious, and never too late.

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1 Response to NYT Hiller Killer Checks In

  1. Fred Grosso says:

    Boston, a baeutiful city, but she doesn’t feel beautiful.

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