Sparker? Spitzker? Partzer? Vote Now!

CNN needs a pairniker (you know, like Bennifer or Brangelina) for Kathleen Parker and Eliot Spitzer, whose new squawk show debuted Monday night.

Representative sample (Aaron Sorkin division):

Sorkin: “Sarah Palin is an idiot. C’mon – this is a remarkably, stunningly and jaw droppingly incompetent and mean woman.”

This from a remarkably, stunningly and jaw droppingly competent and (formerly, we think) drug-addicted man.


ParkerSpitzer has real promise. All it needs is a pairniker (pat. pending).

Your vote goes here.

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3 Responses to Sparker? Spitzker? Partzer? Vote Now!

  1. Steve Stein says:

    How bad was Parker Spitzer? “Be glad you watched Dancing With the Stars instead.”


    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Youch is right. The next person who says something nice about the show will be the first. This is the Howard the Duck of cable squawk shows.

      • Steve Stein says:

        Hey hey hey no call for that. I happen to like “Howard the Duck”. Judging from the funny looks whenever I mention it, I am most probably the only one. Same goes for “Earth Girls Are Easy”.

        I also liked “My Mother the Car”.

        Please don’t think less of me. 🙂

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