“Town” & Letdown

Ben Affleck’s new flick “The Town” has debuted to boffo box office and boffo reviews. The Wall Street Journal loved it, the Boston Phoenix lionized it, and in the Boston Globe Dennis Lehane defended it.

The Missus and I, not so much.

To be sure graf goes here:

To be sure, Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, and Jeremy Renner were terrific, and Charlestown did great. It was the plot that came up short, and also Jon Hamm, who was one step from being a cipher.

Initially you wonder if he’s too Don Draper for his career’s own good, but then you realize that only a sliver of the movie-going public (as in, fewer than two million people) actually watches “Mad Men,” so Hamm doesn’t need to escape that series, he needs to pick better roles.

“The Town” just might be, as the Phoenix says, the best Boston movie in a generation.

Then again, that might not be saying much.

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