Pizza War At BU!

University Grill & Pizza has been a fixture on Commonwealth Avenue in the heart of Boston University for, well, forever. As such, it has seen a variety of food emporiums (ave atque vale, Lollicup King) come and go – mostly go.

(Full disclosure: The hardworking staff has a deep and abiding affection for UGrill’s french fries.)

But here comes a new pizza place – North End stalwart Sal’s Pizza – that sets up shop right next door.

As a public service, the hardworking staff immediately called a Campaign Outsider Pizzapalooza, which is very much like a loya jirga in Afghanistan, except with fewer people and less talking.

Without further ado, the tale of the tape:


Pizza Style Greek

Crust Doughy

Sauce Light

Cheese Oily

Size Megaslice

Sidewalk Signs Two

Price $3 (with soda)

Sal’s Pizza

Pizza Style New York

Crust Overdone

Sauce Chunky

Cheese Light

Size Biggerslice

Sidewalk Signs One

Price $3.74  (no soda)

Both pizza places have their attractions, so let’s end with this:

Can’t we all just get aslice?

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3 Responses to Pizza War At BU!

  1. cj says:

    Isn’t Sal’s the home of the 14 pound pizza, where a slice is a whole quarter pizza? Just kidding, but doesn’t he promote himself as the maker of the heaviest pizza around for cheap money?

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