Variety Whacks Boston Globe Editorial Page

Variety’s Brian Lowry tags the Boston Globe for publishing the “dumb newspaper editorial of the day.”

Thanks to Jim Romenesko for flagging the dumb newspaper editorial of the day, courtesy of the Boston Globe, which conflates Washington Post critic Tom Shales’ strange review of Christiane Amanpour’s debut on ABC’s “This Week” into an orchestrated campaign by “critics” to squelch intelligent TV news.

Which doesn’t exist.

The Globe editorial also panned criticized the critics of CNN’s pairing the execrable Eliot Spitzer with conservative columnist Kathleen Parker in a new squawk show.

I’m with Variety on “This Week.” The jury’s still out on Spitzer.

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2 Responses to Variety Whacks Boston Globe Editorial Page

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    The Globe editorial didn’t pan Spitzer and Parker.

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