The Center For Suing In The Public Interest

As the hardworking staff noted several weeks ago, on June 22 the endlessly outraged Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) served McDonald’s a notice of its intent to sue in several states (including Massachusetts), demanding that “McDonald’s USA, LLC (‘McDonald’s’) immediately stop using toys to market Happy Meals to young children.”

The notice ended with this:

CSPI will postpone filing suit if it can obtain McDonald’s agreement to stop its use of toys to market Happy Meals.

This offer of settlement will remain open for 30 days from the date of this letter, after which it shall be automatically withdrawn and become null and void.

Given McDonald’s contentious response, the hardworking staff anticipated swift legal action by CSPI once the month-long grace period expired last Thursday.

But so far, no UnHappy Meals suit.

Thankfully, CSPI is still active on other litigious fronts.

Lawsuit Over Deceptive Vitaminwater Claims to Proceed

Court Finds Coke in Violation of Various FDA Regs and Denies Its Motion to Dismiss the Lawsuit

CSPI: Can’t Stop Pursuing Indictments.

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3 Responses to The Center For Suing In The Public Interest

  1. Cavard says:

    Sheesh…. they’re like MASSPIRG. Instead of passing useless ballot initiatives, this group go after silly lawsuits. This is why I can’t take public interest groups like these seriously.

    Uh-oh… one of them is knocking at my door right now asking me to buy a membership!!!

    (door slam!)

  2. darthchaosofrspw says:

    CSPI says they want McDonald’s to stop using Happy Meal toys, and they say they want Coca-Cola to stop using phony health claims when it comes to their VitaminWater product. And I agree with CSPI on those points. However, their NANA nutritional advocacy coalition has a steering committee member which is a front group for and partly-funded by Monsanto, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola. CSPI is nothing but a glorified PR firm for the food industry giving murder-merchants such as McDonald’s and Coca-Cola free publicity and free advertising. A nutritional advocacy coalition which has a Monsanto/McDonald’s/Coke front as a steering committee member is a fraud.

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