More Brown Stones

More brickbats for Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R-Oil Slick) over his energy votes on Capitol Hill.

The latest comes from Environment Massachusetts, which describes itself this way:

Environment Massachusetts is a statewide, citizen-based environmental advocacy organization. Our professional staff combines independent research, practical ideas and tough-minded advocacy to overcome the opposition of powerful special interests and win real results for Massachusetts’ environment. Environment Massachusetts draws on 30 years of success in tackling our state’s top environmental problems.

MASSPIRG veteran Rob Sargent is a major player in the organization, which is currently running a TV spot that features local residents whacking Brown for not being the politician they voted for – because he voted for what they call the Murkowski Big Oil Bailout.

(Oddly, the spot is not featured on the Environmental Massachusetts website, nor on YouTube, Google Videos, or anywhere else the hardsearching staff looked.)

(UPDATE: Found it – here.)

But Brown is making progress on another front: Republicans for Environmental Protection, whose bashing of Brown the hardworking staff has previously noted, is now praising the junior senator from Massachusetts (via News Blaze):

A strong, bipartisan oil spill prevention bill co-sponsored by Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) should be enacted into law, Republicans for Environmental Protection, a national grassroots organization, said today.

The Oil Spill Prevention and Mitigation Improvement Act of 2010 would require that oil companies, before drilling in America’s offshore waters, have an effective spill response plan in place that has been vetted by independent experts and determined technically feasible by the Secretary of the Interior.

Conclusion: Don’t expect a Brownout on the energy issue anytime soon.

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5 Responses to More Brown Stones

  1. I must take issue with your characterization that the television ads Republicans for Environmental Protection has been running with Truman Project somehow are “bashing” Senator Brown. The ads promote a bipartisan compromise on energy/climate legislation and simply call on Senator Brown to help pass such legislation. How can that be construed as “bashing” him?

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      The clear implication of the REP spot is that Scott Brown is a bickerer/ditherer/footdragger on the energy issue. But it’s true, David – one man’s bash is another man’s nudge.

  2. Nial says:

    CO, how about posting an explanation of his Murkowski Resolution vote from Senator Brown? Maybe this op-ed from the Cape Cod Times via Red Mass Group.

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