GOP Tree Huggers Smack Scott Brown

There’s been lots of press coverage this past week about the ad campaign from the liberal group Americans United for Change, attacking Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R-TV spots) for voting in favor of legislation that, according to USA Today, “would have barred the Environmental Protection Agency from issuing proposed regulations on carbon emissions from large emitters such as coal-fired utilities and oil refineries.”

Here’s the ad, part of a $400,000 buy that also attacks Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Richard Burr of North Carolina.

But amid all the hoopla about that campaign, a much more interesting one has gone virtually unnoticed.

An advocacy group called Republicans for Environmental Protection, in conjunction with the organization Truman National Security Project, is running what it says is a $3 million ad campaign in support of the American Power Act.  From their press release:

Republicans for Environmental Protection and Truman National Security Project today launched a $3 million advertising campaign in 16 states calling on Congress to “stop bickering” and pass bipartisan American clean energy legislation. The first ad, called “Boot,” is sponsored jointly by the conservative- and progressive-leaning organizations, and is notable for its aggressive support for an “all-of-the-above” solution to America’s energy, environmental, and security challenges . . .

The American Power Act, authored by Democrat John Kerry and independent Joe Lieberman, with help from Republican Lindsey Graham, embraces ideas from across the political spectrum. The proposal includes a strict limit on carbon pollution, more use of nuclear power and domestic production, and a boost to renewable energy, among other provisions.

The ad:

In each of the 16 states (which include Massachusetts), the spot is customized with the name of an elected official. So, “tell Scott Brown etc. etc. etc.”

The hardworking staff, which watches a bit of television now and then, has seen the ad at least half a dozen times, on both local and national TV. Three million dollars buys a lot of airtime.

So just wondering why this campaign isn’t on the news media radar screen the way the Americans United for Change one was.

Anybody help out on this?

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