Fox in the Henhouse

Nice front-page New York Times piece Monday about the Fox/Time Warner Cable rumpus over retransmission fees (see here and here), which seems to have been settled by – wait for it – the two sides splitting the difference.

The Times, in value-added mode (translation: what does this mean for me?), focuses on the consumer impact of the pact.

Next Up on Cable TV, Higher Bill for


Nut graf:

On New Year’s Day, the News Corporation, the media empire controlled by Rupert Murdoch,wrangled new payments from Time Warner Cable, including subscriber fees for the Fox Broadcasting network, which is free for viewers with over-the-air antennas.

Fox in the henhouse is only the beginning, the Times notes:

[T]he Food Network and HGTV disappeared from Cablevision’s lineups in New York and New Jersey on Friday after talks broke down with the owner of the channels, Scripps Networks.

The Food Network costs distributors 8 cents a viewer on average now; Scripps wants a roughly 300 percent raise, according to people briefed on the negotiations. That might seem drastic, but 30 other channels, some with lower ratings, already earn that much. “We were really, really undervalued,” said Brooke Johnson, the president of the Food Network.

Also undervalued: The Food Network full-page ad in the same edition of the Times, which the piece failed to mention.

Regardless, how great would it be if the sure-to-accelerate broadcast/cable dustups turn out to be a significant ad revenue source for the Times?

Imagine the front-page headline in some future Sunday Times:

Financial Turmoil in Broadcast

World Eases Financial Turmoil at Newspaper

Your nut graf goes here.

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  1. John Ramsey says:

    hello there, just wanted to mention thanks alot for this post, it helped me pick out one thing I had not given a lot of reflection to it until now.

  2. I dont usually reply to posts but I will in this case. WoW

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