Crazy Like Fox

So there’s this big dustup between Time Warner Cable (a.k.a. the pipeline) and Fox Broadcasting (a.k.a. the content) about renegotiating their cablecast contract. Seems that Fox wants a big bump to allow Time Warner to cable the network into untold households.

Of course, whenever faced with a business/PR kerfuffle, right-thinking corporations turn to marketing.

Thus, – Time Warner’s weapon of mass distraction.  The website features a full-page ad Time Warner ran in Friday’s New York Times essentially accusing Fox of price-gouging.

Then again, Time Warner might be playing hardball because no Fox means more (Time Warner-owned) CNN.

A similar situation might soon play out in Boston, where Comcast is the major cable provider. Comcast is in the process of acquiring NBC Universal, which could raise conflicts of its own.

The Friday edition of the Times also featured a Comcast ad about the NBC merger headlined “Infinite Possibilities.”

For NBC’s competitors, finite possibilities is more like it.

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3 Responses to Crazy Like Fox

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Time-Warner vs Comcast — The battle with the weapons of Mass Dysfunction.

    Cable anything has just about sunk to the level of broadcast anything.

    Less than 0.0000001% of the stuff is worth watching….

  2. Chris says:

    I used to work at NEWS CORP. Rupert Murdoch is a greedy and power hungry Australian. It is not fair that an Australia can have that much RIGHTS and POWER over our media ( newspapers, TV, cable, magazines). Not only does Rupert controls us, now he has American bickering amongst ourselves over FOX programming….smart move Rupert. What an instigator !I say remove FOX and let American gain back access and control of all forms of media. Rupert is a billionaire…he can afford to keep Americans battling forever.

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