WSJ Shanks Tiger Woods Coverage

Headline in Monday’s Wall Street Journal: “Woods Speaks Out on Crash, Blaming Himself.”

(Ennhh – I’m sorry, that’s wrong. But thanks for playing.)

Because here’s the lede of the WSJ piece:

Tiger Woods broke his silence about his driving accident by posting a statement Sunday on his Web site. He also hired a criminal-defense attorney and declined to meet with crash investigators for the third straight day.

So Woods didn’t speak out – he Webbed out, which is the same as opted out. The Journal, however, almost redeemed itself with Jason Gay’s excellent piece in Monday’s WSJ Sports section.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is why the planet needs a 24-hour celebrity-golf-justice channel.

No argument here.

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1 Response to WSJ Shanks Tiger Woods Coverage

  1. President Obama is addressing the nation about Afghanistan tonight and USA Today yesterday had the Tiger Woods story above the fold on p.1 and devoted p.2 in its entirety to the story. He plays golf, people. Could the mainstream media be any less relevant? Woods is not required to give a statement to police under local law and is not being prosecuted. Whatever he did or didn’t do is between him and his spouse and has little impact on health care reform or the recession. Media just couldn’t resist the golf puns, so they went 24/7 on the story (Campaign Outsider gets a mulligan on this one).

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