Ad o’ the Day

From the distinguished – not to mention virtual – University of Phoenix, Damage Control Division:

A full-page New York Times ad with the headline, “Dear Students, Alumni, Faculty, and Counselors of University of Phoenix.”

Sample copy:

Let’s defy our critics together. You deserve better. So does America.

The crux of the matter: An investigative report by ProPublica and APM’s Marketplace, that absolutely undressed the University of Phoen(y)ix as a high-promising, low-deliveriung institution.

Problem is, the ProPubica/Marketplace piece ran once. University of Phoenix ads run forever.





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2 Responses to Ad o’ the Day

  1. Mae says:

    The university of phoenix financial aid counselors are extremely hard to find once you are enrolled. I live in a state with one of the highest unemployment rate. So when you are told excess funds will be issued to you it sounds worth looking into. I have sat beside someone for six months. She couldn’t do a paper then and still can’t do a paper without someone holding her hand. However she received an “A”.

    For profit educators should be their name. Because they are educating us.

    • grant says:

      The financial aid counselor never answer their phone and rarely answer emails. I was asked to send information to the Financial Aid Processing Center during week 7. I was looking for my refund, now this is holding it up. Looks as if they needed this info it should have been asked for before classes started. Has this happen to anyone else.

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