Boston Mayoral Ruse

I did a turn as WBUR’s media analyst on Friday’s Radio Boston, which featured Boston mayoral candidates Tom Menino and Michael Flaherty.

Menino (via telephone) was his usual incoherent self, but it was Flaherty’s in-studio appearance that I found most enlightening. I happened to wind up in the control room with one of Flaherty’s handlers (I told her my name but she failed to tell me hers), who responded to every listener call criticizing Flaherty by saying, “That’s not true.”

All due respect, Ms. Handler, that’s not relevant.

As we all know, truth is the first casualty of political war, especially ones involving Tom Menino.

Try saying “that’s not true” to the two-to-one margin Menino will likely win by. Cold comfort for Boston mayoral footnote Michael Flaherty.

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2 Responses to Boston Mayoral Ruse

  1. Frank Smith says:

    You are dreaming if you think Menino is going to win 2-1. This is close and could go either way. And that’s why, as you report, Menino and his machine are lying all over town at every opportunity.

    Everyone needs to get out and vote on Tuesday for Flaherty-Yoon.

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