Yanked Around, Part Two

I yield to no man in my admiration for Olympian closer Mariano Rivera, but really – the Yankees have got to stop playing the boneheaded baseball they’ve descended into.

Regardless of the ballclub’s performance, the Friday New York Times homepage was all upbeat about the hometown team’s victory over the Philadelphia Phillies:

The Yankees defeated the Phillies 3-1 in typical fashion, with home runs, strong starting pitching and Mariano Rivera. The Series is now tied at one game apiece.

Typical fashion? You wish there was anything typical about this post-season for the Yankees.

Exhibits A through C:

• What was the inestimable Derek Jeter thinking when he bunted – foul – two strikes down with two on in the bottom of the seventh last night?

• Why does Johnny Damon keep swinging at the first pitch?

• Can the Yanks squander that many opportunities and still win the World’s Serious?

I seriously doubt it.


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2 Responses to Yanked Around, Part Two

  1. ctrenta says:

    You can give some of the blame to Joe Girardi too. He’s made quite a few boneheaded decisions this postseason. The umpiring this World Series has been strange as well. A lot of bad calls last night.

  2. I admit that the Yanks are striking out too much and their overall lack of hitting is reviving bad memories of the 2001 World Series. Also, when Marte is the second best reliever in the bullpen, there may be trouble afoot. And 1 or 2 blown calls by umps is becoming as common as the singing of “God Bless America” in the 7th inning. Still, the Phillies’ rotation is looking a lot more vulnerable with Hamels in Game 3, and even if Lee pitches in Game 4, there’s not enough Bob Gibson in him to enable him to stifle the Yanks three times. If the Phils resort to Blanton in Game 4, so much the better, and their bullpen has its problems too. I think Matsui will continue to contribute (I’d put him in right field), Cano will heat up, and I’m sticking with my Yanks in 6 prediction. Don’t forget the unlikely hero factor, which has yet to rear its head: a pinch HR by Hinske or a key steal by Gardner or Hairston.

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