Boston Globe: No Comments?

The hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider thought we should check on yesterday’s Official Campaign Outsider Prediction™ that the Boston Globe was gonna get a lotta mail off its editorial with the lede, “Ted Kennedy was not a great man.”

So naturally we looked for the online comments attached to the editorial. Except there weren’t any. Nor, apparently, could anyone comment on news reports about Kennedy’s demise.

Help us out here, splendid readers: Does the Globe accept comments as a matter of course? Is the Ted K coverage an anomaly? Or what?

Thank you for your support.

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2 Responses to Boston Globe: No Comments?

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    Check out the Globe’s weekly summary of letters-to-the-editor on Saturday morning’s editorial page. (I have only ever seen it in the print edition, not online.)

    In response to Friday’s editorial on Kennedy, they received around a dozen letters, which, on average, were all highly negative towards the newspaper’s content.

    Contrast that with nearly 100 letters all week on Kennedy (in general), which were nearly all positive towards the newspaper’s content.

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