Ad o’ the Day (pat. pending)

As part of its effort to make a buck wherever it can, the Boston Globe ran a house ad on Thursday with the headline, “Moms who rock are moms who bowl.”

The ad promotes a new bowling league, organized by Moms and Kings bowling emporium, called 10 Pin Mamas.

Are you a mom looking for a few hours of fun with other moms at a place where the kids will be safe and entertained?  This fall, Moms is teaming up with Kings for a new bowling league for mothers – 10 Pin Mamas – where moms can strike up new friendships, rekindle old ones and enjoy friendly competition on the lanes every Tuesday from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM, September 15-October 20.

The cost? Fifty bucks for what turns out to be 12 hours of bowling, which seems pretty reasonable. Of course, it’s a classic loss leader for the Globe, which hopes to leverage Mommy bowlers into real money.

Ditto for the Globe’s mothership New York Times, which ran a house ad – also on Thursday – with this headline:

Get the laundry off the treadmill! Bob Greene is coming to

The Internet, it goes without saying, is as close as any of us will get to Greene, who’s Oprah Winfrey’s fitness guru. The ad in the Times (which owns sort of rubs it in:

Can’t afford a private session with Oprah’s personal trainer? Visit him at

The site includes features such as “Exercise for Obese People” and “New Review: Daisy Fuentes Pilates for Nintendo Wii.” (Consumer alert: Not all that great.)

Between the bowling and the exercising, though, one newspaper-survival strategy is clear:

Let’s Get Fiscal!

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