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WSJ’s NPR Commenters Nail Jell-O To The Wall

NPR anchor Steve Inskeep’s Wall Street Journal op-ed last week defending NPR against charges of liberal bias has thus far drawn numerous Letters to the Editor and even more Web comments (919 by last count). Representative sample: William Ledsham wrote: … Continue reading

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‘On The Media’ Nails Jell-O To The Wall

(Fun fact to know and tell: When asked why there’s a hyphen in Jell-O, the great Fred Allen said, “That’s where the banana goes.”) When we last left On the Media, NPR uber-personality Ira Glass had tasked the show with … Continue reading

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WGBH=Whacked Good, Boston Herald

Our feisty local tabloid has found the perfect target: Brie-eating, Chardonnay-sipping, taxpayer-dollar-sucking public television. As in, local public broadcaster WGBH. Yesterday’s Boston Herald front page: Today’s addition: Your tax dollars turn on WGBH The flagship of public television, WGBH — … Continue reading

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