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It’s Good To Live In A Two-Daily Town (The Herald Feasts On Chick-fil-A Edition)

Chick-fil-A chews up gay marriage. Tom Menino chews up the First Amendment. Details at It’s Good to Live in a Two-Daily Town.  

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Tweet Smell Of Suppress

It’s the United States of Iran! From CBS News: Twitter and Facebook are now essential tools for protest movements. And as Tony Guida reports, law enforcement agencies are monitoring the social media giants and using what they find to make … Continue reading

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High (Court) On Drugs

The Supreme Court has endorsed the data-mining of physicians’ prescribing records for use in marketing pharmaceuticals. From MedPageToday: WASHINGTON — Data on which doctors are prescribing which drugs is speech that is protected by the First Amendment, and pharmaceutical companies have … Continue reading

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First Amendment Things First

The Juan Williams/NPR rumpus has turned into a tempest in a Tea Potty, with innumerable conservatives claiming that the public broadcast network has violated Williams’ First Amendment right to free speech. Except it hasn’t. Handy First Amendment refresher course: Congress … Continue reading

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