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Why Advertisers Barely Outrank Politicians, Lobbyists, and Car Salesmen

Admen aren’t called hucksters for nothing. Exhibit Umpteen: They barely moved the needle in this recent Gallup poll on Honesty/Ethics in Professions.   Fourteen percent. Ouch. And here’s why, from the current issue of Consumer Reports. (Tip o’ the pixel … Continue reading

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VNRs = Vexing News Replacements

Or Vulpine News Replicas. Or, what they’re technically called, Video News Releases. Whatever you call them, whether they come from business, the government, religious institutions or academia, VNRs are simply Faux News (not to be confused with Fox Ne- . . … Continue reading

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Let The $4 Billion Rumpus Begin! (FCC Full Disclosure Edition)

The opaque organizations behind a whole bunch of political advertising these days may soon have to drop the veil if the Federal Communications Commission has its way. From Advertising Age: FCC’s New Political Ad Disclosure Plan Has Broadcasters Concerned Planned … Continue reading

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