The Hardworking Staff Is Moonlighting At *Ask Doctor Ads*

As many of you splendid readers might (or might not, if we’re being realistic) have noticed, the hardworking staff has been largely AWOL from the Global Worldwide Headquarters in recent months.

We can explain.

Certain persons highly positioned in the blogosphere (whose identities we are not at liberty to disclose) recruited us to bring some order and sanity to the highly volatile site Ask Doctor Ads (Federally mandated warning: Dr. Ads is not a licensed physician).

Some fruits of our labors in that vineyard:

• Really? Americans Think Advertisers Are More Trustworthy Than the News Media?

Will John Fetterman Ever Stop Trolling Mehmet Oz in PA’s Senate Race?

Won’t Democrats Eventually Get Burned By Their Ads Boosting GOP Crazies?

Is NYC’s New Nuclear Preparedness PSA The Bomb – or a Dud?

• Really? An Ad Where Pubic Hairs Sing Out Against Body Shaming of Women?

And etc.

Our diagnosis? The Doc is good for what ails ya. Have him make a house call, yeah?

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