I Was Dr. Ads: My 45 Years in the Boston Media Trenches (Boxed Set Edition)

For the past 13 months I’ve whiled away the coronavirus pandemic by compiling, in this space, the media work I produced over four and a half decades as a Boston ad copywriter, freelance journalist, reporter, columnist, and commentator.

Upon completion of that Great Pandemic Portfolio Project, it seemed like a proper endnote to park the five-part series in one place.

And so . . .

Part 1 (1975-1988) is here.

Part 2 (1988-1994) is here.

Part 3 (1994-1998) is here.

Part 4 (1998-2008) is here.

Part 5 (2008 – ) is here.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

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2 Responses to I Was Dr. Ads: My 45 Years in the Boston Media Trenches (Boxed Set Edition)

  1. John Kenrick says:

    Thank you, John Carroll, for your insights, observations and general musings on the state of life in Boston, in America, and the world; how you think and feel about current events, whether in politics or the arts, and in the mass media generally. There’s much food for thought in what you have to say,with great wisdom in the bargain.

    I greatly appreciate your contributions on these and other topics, and please continue doing so.

    Best Wishes,

    John Bass

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