Xavier University Students & Alums Say ‘We’re Number 330!’

The Wall Street Journal’s College Rankings came out on Friday and – no surprise, really – Harvard came up number one.

The hardworking staff, however, was more concerned with how our alma mater Xavier University (class of ’71) fared in the rankings. So we pawed eagerly through the first three pages of the special section until we came upon this.

It’s a bitter pill to be bested by Alma College, but boy, did we kick Pacific Lutheran University’s ass, yeah?

The Journal determines its ranking through a four-part formula.

Forty percent of each school’s overall score comes from student outcomes, including graduates’ salaries and debt; 30% comes from academic resources, including how much the college spends on teaching; 20% from student engagement, including whether students feel prepared to use their education in the real world, and 10% from the learning environment, including the diversity of the student body and academic staff.

Here’s the rest of XU’s scorecard: outcomes rank, 392; resources rank, 290; engagement rank, 48; environment rank, >400 (ouch).

So the best thing Xavier does is to prepare students to use their education in the real world? That’s a major improvement over my experience upon graduating with a triple major in Greek, Latin, and English.

(I can summarize my overall education this way: I had eight years of the Sisters of Charity, eight years of the Jesuits, and it took me eight years to recover.)

Then again, Xavier didn’t even crack this year’s Top 500 in CNN Money’s Best Colleges in America, Ranked by Value.

In light of that, 330 in the WSJ rankings is the best news about XU since it installed the nation’s first Pizza ATM four years ago.

Go, Musketeers!

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2 Responses to Xavier University Students & Alums Say ‘We’re Number 330!’

  1. Bob Gardner says:

    What do you think about the teaser in today’s Globe? “Two neighboring Massachusetts universities have landed the top spots on the WSJ/Times Higher Education college ranking list.”
    Generating suspense, I guess.

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