NYT Ad for Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix Show Says: ‘Think Smile’

Jerry Seinfeld’s wildly popular Netflix series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has just dropped its new season on the Streaming Service That Ate Television, which ran this ad in yesterday’s New York Times.



That is, of course, a takeoff on the classic Volkswagen campaign of the 1950s, which quite remarkably had a Jewish ad agency selling Adolf Hitler’s people’s car to Americans ten years after they defeated the Nazis in World War II.

The Times ad promises that Seinfeld’s shows deliver “more smiles per gallon.”

Presumably, not a Lemon in the bunch.

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2 Responses to NYT Ad for Jerry Seinfeld’s Netflix Show Says: ‘Think Smile’

  1. Curmudgeon. says:

    The clip brings back the memories of the sophistication of the campaigns and the memory of either freezing or roasting in my convertible 1963 bug…It was a great car

    Thanks for the link.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      My pleasure, Mudge. In college one of my roommates had a two-tone 1963 Karmann Ghia – red body, white top. We called it The Pimple. The driver’s side door didn’t open so you had to crawl over the stick shift to drive it. Very delicate procedure indeed. And totally worth it.

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