Times of London Whacks Irish Times for Kevin Cullen Coddling

As the hardworking staff has repeatedly noted, the Irish Times has been derelict in its due diligence about Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen’s reporting for that paper about the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

And now the Times of London is agreeing with us.

Edited Boston bomb tale still online

The Irish Times retains report from columnist on the 2013 marathon blast despite review challenging its accuracy

The Irish Times is keeping an article by Kevin Cullen about the Boston marathon bombing on its website, even though a Boston Globe review has found some of the columnist’s reporting of the event was a “complete fabrication”.

Cullen, an Irish-American journalist who has been a regular contributor to Irish print and broadcast media, has been suspended from his Boston Globe job for three months after it reviewed his coverage of the 2013 terrorist attack.

The review concluded that Cullen had fabricated parts of stories about firemen that he told in broadcast interviews in America, the UK and Ireland. Of “particular concern” was an interview Cullen gave Newstalk in which he claimed a fireman called Sean had returned to the site of the bombing to…

Given the Times of London’s hard paywall (which when first initiated vaporized 95% of the paper’s web traffic), it would have cost us £1 to read further. So the hardscrimping staff stopped there.

But you get the picture. The (pay)walls have closed in just a bit further on Kevin Cullen.

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