Our Media Culpa to WSJ Columnist Jason Gay Re: Rafael Nadal

A week or so ago, the hardworking staff had some stern words for the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay over his latest cover story for WSJ. Magazine.

The hardworking staff yields to no man in our respect and admiration for Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Gay, but his cover story in today’s WSJ. Magazine is a flatout bad joke.

First, there’s the cover itself.

Reclaims his throne?

Not to get technical about it, but a certain Rafael Nadal is currently No. 1 in the ATP World Tour rankings.

Then there’s the hed/subhed of the piece.

Enjoying tennis too much to stop just now?


Roger Dodger is currently ducking the French Open after sitting out the entire clay court season . . .

In Monday’s Journal, however, Gay – in his usual smart, stylish manner – absolutely gave Rafa his due.

Nadal in Paris Is Ridiculous

Greetings from Paris, where I’ve been reading with amusement the fretting over the Golden State Warriors, who have provoked an existential crisis in basketball with an “overly dominant” team which has won three out of the last four NBA titles.

Three out of four titles. That’s adorable. The magic horsey won three big horsey races in a row? Way to go, horsey!!!.

Because Rafael Nadal won his 11th French Open Sunday.

I know, I know: different sport, different circumstances, shorter tournament, funky surface, no Kevin Durant. And he didn’t have to win the Preakness.

But still: if we’re going to talk about dominance in modern sports, the conversation must include Nadal, who has turned winning this majestic clay-court tournament into less of an accomplishment than an annual rite.

Many thanks to Mr. Gay for that tribute, which has restored him to the good graces he’s so long enjoyed in this space.

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