Steve Mnuchin’s Dad Ran an Ad in the New York Times

Well the hardworking staff was leafing through the New York Times yesterday and what did we come across but this quarter-page ad in the A section.

Of course that got us to wondering: Mnuchin Gallery – any relation to Treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, described thusly by someone who knew him when?

And indeed, the gallery owner is Steve’s old man, Robert Mnuchin. And yes, the sins of the son are being visited upon the father.

First it was New York magazine’s senior art critic Jerry Saltz writing in a 2016 Medium piece that he’s put the Mnuchin Gallery off limits.

[N]ow that the son of Robert Mnuchin of Mnuchin Gallery on the Upper East Side (where David Hammons and other great artists show); now that Robert Mnuchin’s son Steven Mnuchin, of Goldman Sachs, is “Make America HATE Again” Donald Trump’s Campaign Finance Chief — I’m not going to Mnuchin Gallery anymore.

Early last year there was this rumpus, as reported by Upper East Side Patch.

Anti-Trump Protesters Crash Upper East Side’s Mnuchin Gallery

The gallery is run by the father of Steven Mnuchin, Donald Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary.

UPPER EAST SIDE, NY — Protesters attempted to crash an Upper East Side art gallery owned by the father of Donald Trump’s pick for Treasury Secretary. Demonstrators from the protest group “Government Sachs” banged on the doors of the Mnuchin Gallery on East 78th Street and Madison Avenue around 10:30 Friday morning, according to witnesses.

“Mnuchin. Suck it. Trump is a puppet!” protesters shouted.

Very classy.

Meanwhile, the Reds exhibit at Mnuchin Gallery features “paintings and sculpture by twenty-five artists, including Francis Bacon, Louise Bourgeois, Alexander Calder, Willem de Kooning, Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama, and Mark Rothko.”

Be sure to miss it, if you’re so inclined.

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