David St. Hubbins Was Way Out Front the Current Curling Craze

If you splendid readers have any doubts that curling is all the rage among Olympic sports, this Kansas City Star piece by Pete Granthoff should quell them.

Mr. T loves watching Olympic curling. ‘You heard me, curling Fool!’

Like clockwork, the sport of curling gets its moment in the spotlight every four years . . .

For example: Mr. T, the star of “Rocky III” and “The A-Team” tweeted about the sport.


We pity the person who tries to top that.

But Jason Gay’s column in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal actually does, as he extols curling outfits.

You probably watch curling for the feats of athleticism, but I watch it for the style, and curling has had a surprisingly large number of style highlights. The Norwegian curling team has revolutionized party pants. Team USA curler Matt Hamilton’s mustache could basically be the Wisconsin state flag.

But the OAR curling outfits are slick. Black and white, slim cut, with the OAR circle logo over the left breast—it’s reminiscent of early Helmut Lang, or Hedi Slimane’s influential run at Dior Homme. Yes, you’re reading an article in the sports section, but stay with me. It’s conspicuously good clothing—you’d wear this stuff. I, on the other hand, would probably have to stop eating pizza for a year.

Then again, nothing tops ESPN’s classic spot featuring Spinal Tap’s immortal David St. Hubbins creating theme music for SportsCenter.



Let’s all go bloody curling, indeed.

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4 Responses to David St. Hubbins Was Way Out Front the Current Curling Craze

  1. arafatkazi says:

    He also co-wrote the 60s hit, “Give Me Some Curling”.

  2. Bob Gardner says:

    Are there really performance enhancing drugs that make you a better curler?

  3. Campaign Outsider says:

    Ritalin, maybe?

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