Cornel West Wants Paul Ryan To Be President

It has come to the attention of the hardworking staff that today is Refuse Fascism Day!

Who knew?

Well, not to get technical about it, anyone who read Wednesday’s New York Times, which featured this full-page ad.



That is not, however, the first ad the Trumpian Refuseniks have run in the Times. There’s also this ad that ran back in January.



That ad helpfully named some of the folks behind the modern-day Refusenik movement, which is at least partially funded by billionaire investor George Soros, who represents the ATM wing of the Democratic Party.

Liberal luminaries putting on the pom-poms include Bill Ayers, Debra Messing, Alice Walker, and – wait for it – the ubiquitous Cornel West.

So let’s think this through.

Say the Refuseniks improbably do end the Trump/Pence Regime.

That makes House Speaker Paul Ryan president of the United States.

The same Paul Ryan who’s been Donald Trump’s toady through thick (head) and thin (skin).

And the same Paul Ryan who said he’s been dreaming about cutting Medicaid since he was “drinking at a keg” in his frat boy days.

Just imagine what else he was dreaming of with a red plastic cup in his hand.

Cheers, Cornel West.

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6 Responses to Cornel West Wants Paul Ryan To Be President

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Now, now, John…When ever has rational thinking and politics even been in the same county?

  2. Carol O'Reilly says:

    Scary! I might have nightmares!

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