Johnny Damon Is Now Fox & Friends’ Idiot

In today’s Morning Mediawire, Poynter Institute hall monitor James Warren examines ESPN’s failure to cover itself with, well, coverage.

The Undefeated is a terrific ESPN-created site on sports, race, culture and politics. If you’ve missed it, start checking it out. But don’t spend too much time looking for a story on ESPN show host Jemele Smith [he meant Hill] calling President Trump a racist and being reprimanded. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders attacking the network two days in a row.

Plenty of others are also taking ESPN to task, Warren notes, including some unexpected chinstrokers. “[The attacks] continued this morning on ‘Fox & Friends’ with Johnny Damon, a former baseball star of conservative bent, beckoned to affirm the show’s thumbs-down take on Hill.”

Yes, that Johnny Damon – former Red Sox center fielder/pennant race traitor. Here he is offering up his ruminations on the Hill rumpus (around 1:25).



Love that – after saying that things get “touchy” when politics intersects with sports, Damon compares ESPN to MTV: “It used to be a music channel. Now there’s no music on it.”

Not the sharpest spike on the baseball cleat, eh?

As you splendid readers well remember, Damon was the one who said of the Red Sox in 2004, “We are not the cowboys anymore — we are just the idiots this year … ”

In his case, of course, make that every year.

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